How to create an Enfavr Date Night Circle?


Enfavr Date Night Circles are not very different from our Enfavr Trusted Circles. With Date Nights, we recommend you limit the Circle membership to 4. This is based on research and feedback from customers. With that said, you are welcome to invite as many members as you like. We trust your instincts and we are here to facilitate.

To start a Date Night Circle - Start as you would start with any Trusted Circle. For detailed instructions check out the following steps.

Create Circles

To Create a new Circle follow these steps

1) Click on My Circles menu item under Circles.



2) On the My Circles page - Click on Create New Circle button seen in the top right corner of the page.



3) Enter details for your Circle and fill in all the sections.




3.1 Give your circle a unique and interesting name, upload a profile image for your circle and enter a description. You may also chose to mark the circle as Private or Public. When marked as private information about the circle members is hidden from the public. Families that want to have a private circle for themselves can chose this option to share activities among family members. 

3.2 Click on Add Friends to add friends to your circle. You may add friends from your existing set of friends from Enfavr or send invites to new friends. 

3.3 After selecting the list of people you would like to invite to your Circle, you can optionally change and personalize the invite message. Click on Update Message to save the message.

3.4 Select the types of services you want your circle members to collaborate on. As we continue to add more categories, please be sure to review these categories and enable them for your circles. 

4. Click on Create My Circle.

At this time, all Circle invitees will receive an email notification about their membership in this newly formed circle. The email will contain a link to accept the membership invite. Once the invitee clicks on the link, membership is confirmed and the invitee is now a member of your trusted circle. Members of your circle can choose to exit the Circle at their discretion.  


Once your Date Night Circle is created,  you will be able to Post the a Date Night Favr requests to your circle members.






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