What are Trust Scores?

Trust Scores are the Member Ratings one receives upon the completion of a Favr Transaction. It is measured in percentage value. When you register with us, your Trust Score will be set to the highest which is 90-100%. When you provide a Favr, the Enfavr member(Requestor) that received the Favr from you will be asked to Rate your service and your scores will change based on these ratings. 

How we calculate Trust Scores ?

Trust scores are updated at the following points 

1) When you register and/or are referred by another member. 

Sign ups using Facebook accounts and referrals get the highest rating of 100%. When an Enfavr member adds you to their network through Add a Friend feature, we you will be rated depending upon the Friendship level i.e. Best Friend or Friend of Friend etc.

2) Your service to the Enfavr members (fulfilled Favr requests)

This rating consists of three factors - how did they like your service, if they are going to use your service again and if they will recommend your service to others. In addition, there is a star rating from on a five point scale. Based on a combination of the answers to the questions and the star rating, you will receive a Trust Score from us. 

Our promissory and reciprocal principle is based on trust. When you are a part of a social network like ours, it becomes your responsibility that you embody these principles and maintain high levels of Trust Scores in order to be a Favr giver or receiver in good standing.  




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