My Profile page gives you the power to manage your Enfavr account in a way that is just right for you. There are many components to an Enfavr user profile. In order to access your profile details, click on your name on the top right corner on the menu bar, and click on My Profile from the drop-down. There are four tabs on this page; My Profile, My Account, My Services, and My Activity.

My Profile tab is where you can enter details about yourself, your location, your family members. write a brief description about yourself. Don't forget to Save any changes you make to your profile. There are two selections for Your Profile. You can choose what you want share with others and what information you want to keep for yourself.  When you enter your Location and your family details, you can share this information with your Friends, or Groups, or both, by clicking the check boxes. If you do not check any, then your information will not be shared and will be available only on Self Profile view mode. Make sure to verify your Profile settings by clicking on View Self Profile and View Public Profile tabs. 




My Account lets you manage your account settings such as password and your time zone. Please be aware that if you are using a Facebook account, you cannot change your password on Enfavr. You can select the roaming time zone by clicking the check box next to it if you would like your Enfavr community to go with you.



My Services page gives you the opportunity to let people know what kind of Favrs you can provide and what you need for yourself. Check all the boxes that apply to you and click Save. You can also list your availability information so that your community knows when they can reach out to you for a Favr. Don't forget to save your selections.



My Activity page stores all your transactions' summary for your review. You can see the details of Favrs received, Favrs Given, your Trust Score and the total Favrcoins. 





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