In order to request Favrs and receive Favrs, you have to connect with other members of the Enfavr community. My Friends are the people who you add to your Enfavr Trusted Network. You can build your Friends' network in three ways; 

1. Add a Friend from My Friends: Add a new friend to Enfavr. Enter Name and email ID of the friend that you would like to add. If the friend you added is not already a member of Enfavr, then he/she will be sent an email notification to create an account on Enfavr so that he/she can be connected to you and receive the benefits.  


2. Add a friend from Suggested Friends list by Enfavr: When you login to your Enfavr account, the homepage has a list of suggested friends that appears on the right hand side of your homepage. You can click on these, and add them as friend.



3. A member of the Enfavr network adds you to their network and you become a Friend by responding to their request. You will receive a friend request email, you can click on the link provided in the email, and click on Add Friend.


You can add a person to your network and start asking for Favrs. But the Friend may choose to respond to your Requests without actually adding you as his/her Friend. Similarly, an Enfavr member may add you to their network and request Favrs from you. You can choose to respond to their requests without adding him/her as your Friend.

A two-way friendship is established when you add a person as your Friend, he/she accepts your Friend request and you both are in each others' My Friends list. Similarly, an Enfavr member adds you to their network, you accept and you add him/her as your Friend too.



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