Enfavr Circles is one of the most useful features of Enfavr.  The primary objective of this feature is to allow you to create a trusted group that includes your friends and members of your community with whom you share common interests or activities. Maybe you are looking for experts with whom you want to share activities for a baking project, or a group of music enthusiasts who want to learn playing an instrument with a friendly coach, or a group of parents who want to swap child care for parent date nights - Enfavr Circles allows you to create your close-knit groups for sharing or seeking help on activities.

The following are main functions supported within Enfavr Circles.

  • Create Circles

  • View Circles

  • Manage Circles


Create Circles

To Create a new Circle follow these steps

1) Click on My Circles menu item under Circles.

2) On the My Circles page - Click on Create New Circle button seen in the top right corner of the page.

3) Enter details for your Circle and fill in all the sections. Give your circle a unique and interesting name, upload a profile image for your circle and enter a description. 

4) Click on Add Friends to add friends to your circle.

After selecting the list of people you would like to invite to your Circle, you can optionally change the Circle invite message and click on Update Message to update the message.

Click on Create My Circle. At this time, all Circle invitees will receive an email notification about their membership in this newly formed circle. Members of your circle can choose to exit the Circle at their discretion.  

View Circles

There are hundreds of circles created by Enfavr community members. Circles can be local, for example a neighborhood group, where every member is physically located nearby. Circles can also be virtual, where members are online. Clicking on My Circles in the Circles Menu takes you to the circles main page - where you can view all circles created by you.

 View Circles Details

Click on any of the circle tiles to view details of the circle. Circle details include information about circle members, what the Circle is all about and their purpose. A circle's location is the location of Circle owner.   

Circle Member Details

When you click on View Details of a circle you can see all the members of the circle. Clicking on any of these member's name, will show you his/her public profile.  

Manage Circles

Manage Circle allows a circle creator or owner to make changes to the circle. Changes include adding or deleting members, changing the circle's profile image and description, and making one or more members as Admin. When you are done making the necessary changes to your circle, click on Update Circle to save the changes.











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