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Enfavr is an avenue for you to help others when they need you. You can do Favrs by following three simple steps; View an Ask, Respond to the Ask and Earn Favrcoins.

My Favrs is the collection of your reciprocal transactions with your friends network. Click on Favrs on the menubar and select My Favrs from the drop-down. You can view all the Requests that you have received. In order to respond to an Ask, click on View Details of a particular Ask. 

Once you see the details, you can respond by choosing either Accept or Decline. You can write an optional personal message to the requestor in the Comment pop-up.


The progress of the Favr Request is shown from beginning until it is complete.When you fulfill the Favr Request, click on Done and your part now is essentially to get rewarded from your Friend. Please note that for time sensitive Favrs such as Baby Sittiing, you have to wait until the requested time period has elapsed to change the status to Done. Status changes made by requestor and requestee appear under Comments below Favr Detail.


You can check the status of various Favrs on My Favrs page by clicking on All, Open, In progress, Completed and Closed Tabs on the status menubar.

All - Lists all the requests in your profile.

Open - Lists all the requests you have received and you have not yet responded to.

In Progress - Lists all the requests that you have accepted.

Completed - Lists all the requests that you have completed working on and changed the status to Done.

Closed - Lists the requests that have been rewarded with FavrCoins, the ones which have expired and also those which you have declined. There is no action required on Closed Favrs. 



You can track your FavrCoin rewards by going to My Profile page and clicking on My Activity. When the requestor rewards you, they will also rate your service by using a 5 star rating. They will also answer two questions; whether they will use your service in the future and if they will recommend you to their friends. Based on this feedback, you will receive a trust score from us which is measured in percentage. Our goal is to help you build a strong trust network. As long as you keep your friends happy, there is nothing for you to worry. 

 Completed providing a Favr successfully? Enjoy feeling great about being a good citizen and of course, getting your Favrcoin rewards. 

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