Ask a Favr

Now that you have successfully signed up, you are well on your way to Ask Favrs, acting on Favrs asked by your friends, family and communities.

Ask a Favr by following these simple steps;

Once you have successfully logged in, from your Dash Board - click on Ask a Favr and Select the Type of the Ask. Enter Favr Details and post Favr.

Enter details for your Ask - such as Who, What, Where, When.

Click on Select Friends to select a requestee. This is the person to whom you would like to send the Request. You can send the request to one or more persons or to a Circle. If you are a first time user and have not added friends to your list, you will still be able to post a request to a friend - by clicking on Add a new Friend to Enfavr.  Enter the Name (both first and last name required) and email address of your friend. Note that this friend may already exist in our system, because another person before you may have added her. We use a person's email ID to uniquely identify them. Next, answer the trust question - so people within the Enfavr Network can see how you are connected.

Once you have completed the form, click on Post Favr.

Post on Facebook option: If you select a Facebook friend as a requestee, you have an option of posting this request to your friend's Facebook timeline by clicking on the Post to Facebook button. Note that post to timeline, will depend on the permissions set by your friend on his/her Facebook profile.

Once you have posted the request, you can check the status of your Ask by going to My Asks. Verify if all the information is correct. The request is now in process. Your friends, the requestees will receive an email notification about this Ask.

If you need to cancel a request, click on the Cancel Request link. Requestees will be sent an email notification about the cancellation.

 Ask Posted successfully? Sit back and relax and wait for the requestee's confirmation on the request. 

Unable to Post the Request? please contact our Support team at










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