Setup and Basics

Getting started with Enfavr? We are here to help. We’ll walk you through setting up your Favrs and Offers process, and share some tips on getting the most out of Enfavr. Before signing up, you can browse through our Home Page and How it works section to learn more about Enfavr and what we stand for. 

Now, let us start by getting you to become a member of our community.

You can become a member on Enfavr through Social Login using your Facebook account. If you prefer not to use Social Login, you can sign up to become a member using your email. 

Follow these steps to complete the Sign up Process.

Sign Up with Facebook

Have a Facebook account ? Use your Facebook account credentials to sign up for an Enfavr account. Please follow the steps outlined below to create your account.

Step 1:

Start on the Home Page of Enfavr. Click on the "Login with Facebook" Button. It will lead you to the Facebook Sign Up form shown in Step 2. You can also access the Facebook sign up form from our Login Tab or Join Tab on the menu or even on the Sign Up page by clicking on Join Now Button. 

Login to Facebook on Home Page



Step 2

If you are not already signed into your Facebook account, go ahead and sign in using your Facebook username and password.

Note: Facebook Sign In is bound by Facebook's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Enfavr does not post any of your personal or activity information on Facebook and nor do we share any of your information with any of Facebook affiliates.

Step 3:

After Signing in, you will be directed to the Facebook Permissions Page for Enfavr App. Enfavr seeks permissions to access your Friends. If you chose to allow access, click on Okay. To change the permissions click on Edit the info your provide and click on Okay. 



  Logged in Successfully? Congratulations! Welcome to Enfavr - Continue on to creating your first Fav Request 

  Trouble Logging In? If you have issues with Facebook password - please follow the Facebook Password reset process on Facebook. Once you have successfully completed Facebook Log In, you will be able to complete the Enfavr Sign in. If for some reason, you chose not to grant Enfavr App the permissions and are not sure about Facebook Sign In, follow the steps in the next section to Sign Up on Enfavr with your email. 

Sign Up Using Email ID

This process allows you to create an account on Enfavr with your email. Please follow the steps outlined below to create your account. 

Step 1:

Start on the main Home Page of Enfavr. Click on the Join Menu Top right corner of the page. It will lead you to the Membership Sign Up Form shown in Step 2 

Step 2:

Follow instructions on the form to create your account. Once you submit the form by clicking on "Create" - you will receive an email to the email address you provided.




Step 3:

Open the email you received from Enfavr (Be sure to check your Spam Folders) and click on the link in the email to Activate your account.

Clicking on the link will direct you back to the Enfavr Site - where you can login in again with your email ID and password you selected at the time of Account creation.


  Logged in Successfully? Congratulations! Welcome to Enfavr - Continue on to creating your first Favr Request

  Trouble Logging In? Perhaps your forgot your password?  Don't worry. Click on the "Forgot Password" link shown in the picture below and follow the steps to reset your password.


 If you continue to face problems, please contact our Support team at








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