What is a Favr?

A Favr - short for Favor, is a pay forward, promissory and reciprocal transaction or activity with a trusted partner within the Enfavr Trusted Network. It can involve an in-kind exchange of goods, money or services. For ex; Bob, a member of Enfavr can request Charlie, another trusted member of the Enfavr network to pet sit his dog, while he is away on a business meeting. Bob will at some time in future reciprocate by doing the same or an equivalent activity for Charlie. 

Another effective way to use Enfavr is to create circles and ask/provide Favrs by taking turns. For ex; Megan creates a group called "Date Night Buddies" with three of her best friends. Each of these friends will take turn to watch the kids of the couple that is on a Date night. That way, each will get three date nights in return. Enfavr helps you keep record of every fulfilled Favr, and in principle, results in a reciprocal act of kindness or a Favr as we like to call it! Exchanging Favrs can build stronger trust networks and better communities. We at Enfavr strive to create a network where people are valued for being good citizens and Favrs are valued over paid services simply because these are the random acts of kindness in times of need that money can't buy! And giving Favrs is a fulfilling feeling in itself as our members have shared.

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