Offer a Favr

Do you have a business that you want to promote? Are you planning to start a service and want to spread the word? Or do you just like to help out friends and neighbors in your spare time? You can post Offers on Enfavr. Post any offer to Enfavr Commons community Anyone interested in your Offer will send you a Ask in response. You can then choose to Accept or Decline the Ask based on whether it meets your original Offer or not!Here's how it works;

Follow these simple steps to Offer a Favr; From the Favr menu, select Offer a Favr, select the Category that you would like to Offer and enter the Details in the What description box. Enter the When and Where details and how much Favrcoins you expect to get paid. Click on Post Offer and your Offer will be posted on Enfavr Commons. 



When other Enfavr users see your Offer, they can redeem it by clicking on Accept. They will be taken to the Ask a Favr page labelled request to Redeem Offer. In this page, you are set as the requestee, so they can post it to you with their specific Ask details.  

These responses will appear in your My Favrs page. You can act on them just like you would for an Ask. 

  Offers are a great way to expand your business and your trust network. So go ahead take the first step and become a EnFavring champion. 

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