What is Enfavr Commons?

Enfavr Commons is a great way to reach out the whole Enfavr Community. You can submit Favr Asks to Enfavr Commons and anyone from the Community willing to help out can respond to your request. Please use this feature with discretion before you post any personal information. Note that only general requests can be submitted to Enfavr Commons. So Date Night, Babysitting, Carpooling, and Petsitting Asks cannot are not allowed. So when you select Tutoring, Other, and Other(Anytime) Favr Category on the Selection page, you will be able to choose Enfavr Commons for your Requestee selection. General questions such as a photography technique, a math formula, a cooking recipe can be asked for here.

Enfavr Commons is also a great way to Offer your services. You can post Offers to promote your business. Similar to Asks, Offers are also limited to the general categories. You can post Tutoring, Other, and Other(Anytime) Offers. It is a very good opportunity to promote yourself, share knowledge and make new friends that share your interests. 


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